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Tourist by Chance On the Web

Four Of The Top Party Islands In The Mediterranean


When it’s time to party, there’s nothing quite like doing it in an idyllic location, surrounded by beautiful, tanned bodies moving in sync with endless, rhythmic beats. Long, summer days lead into even longer, balmy nights. Cocktails are seemingly on tap and it feels like the party will never end… or at least, you hope it won’t. This is what travellers look forward to every year when seeking out the top party islands in the Mediterranean.

Discover the Park of Monsters with Tourist by Chance

@Prayers and Piazza’s

I share with Stacy and her readers my awesome experience at Parco dei Mostri in Bomarzo.

A great idea for something different when visiting Rome.

Quartiere Coppedè, A Fairytale District in Rome

@Minor Sights

I cover Quartiere Coppedè with Minor Sights.

Take a look at the exclusive neighbourhood in Rome, a perfect mix of various architectural styles, seemingly brought together to create a fairytale district.

Interview with the blogger: Valter, from Tourist by Chance

@Luca Travels Around

An interview with Luca on why Tourist by Chance came to be.

The best part? The ‘non-conventional’ questions to really get to know what the site is all about. 

Italian Wines to Try: Guest Post by Valter from Tourist by Chance

@The World by the Brunette

Not saying I am a sommelier nor a wine connoisseur, however, I am an avid wine drinker and wine “enjoyer” (if you will).

Read what I told Justyna about my short list of favorite Italian wines.

Rome in 5 Days – Planning Your Time in Rome

@The World by the Brunette

See some great ideas on what to see and do in Rome, if you are here for a few days. Justyna also adds some useful tips brought to you by yours truly!

Postcard from Civita di Bagnoregio

@Emily Luxton

‘Postcard from’ series, found on Emily’s blog, is one of the many great things about her awesome site.

Travel Experts Share their Favourite New Years Eve Destination

@From Ice to Spice

The title is pretty much a great summary.

From Ice to Spice approached me and some other bloggers to share our favourite NYE destinations – guess which country I picked? 😉 

Interview with Valter Balducci of Tourist by Chance

@The Guy

Here is a look at me a bit more personally, including a funny story on how I tried to pick up a girl…which eventually became my girlfriend for 3 years… 

Round and Round in City Squares


Squares are seriously a big thing in Italy, so I could not miss out when Ajay approached me and asked to take part!

Traveling your own Backyard

@Emily Luxton

Collaborating with Emily is always a lot of fun! Here you see some other great bloggers and myself talk about traveling within our own home and places we would like to see in our own backyard.

Postcard From… NICOSIA, CYPRUS

@Emily Luxton

So as you would have gathered by now, I love Cyprus, nearly as much as I love Italy. So here I tell Emily about my 7 years on this beautiful sun kissed island of the mediterranean. 



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