Useful Links

Useful links Italy.

A dedicated page of useful links to use prior/during your trip in Italy.

While I try to find those pages with the english language option provided, not all websites actually offer an english page.

Bare with us Italians!

If you find something that you found useful, please do share in the comments below or email me at Tourist by Chance

Useful links Italy

Expat Information

Looking to move to Italy and become an expat? Here are some useful links to get you started.

I would also suggest you take the time to read this awesome post by fellow blogger Luca Travels Around – How to move to Italy and do it properly


Looking for a transfer service in Rome? Book transfers to/from both airports (Fiumicino/Ciampino) or even a day trip around Lazio and beyond. 

When I need a driver I rely on Rome Transfer.

Need train tickets? High speed trains Rome to Milan or a regional train from Orvieto to Siena?  

  • offers both high speed and regional trains.
  • offers cheaper options for the high speed trains and connects to secondary stations but still great and modern! 

Full details on train status, weather etc, I rely on:

Train Travel for an overview of train travel through Italy.

*Always remember to validate your ticket before boarding the train. Look for the yellow or green machines (click to view images) found on the pillars before heading to a platform. Fines do apply.*

Puglia to Basilicata train station/bus routes website (go to the Ferrovie Appulo Lucane website). 

AmoItalia has also some very useful information to reach Matera.

Get info on transport around Tuscany visit website but note that many of the sites therein are in English.

Driving in Italy and you need to see if you will pass a toll and how much it will cost? Review:

If you plan on driving in Italy make sure to read this useful information from the Automobile Club D’Italia.

Italian Uber? Blablacar, a sort of social platform for travellers. It is really easy and safe to use and it’s becoming more and more popular in Europe.


Many Italian Cities charge a ‘Tassa di Soggiorno’ – ‘Tourist tax’. I found a great site that provides the amounts required throughout Italy @

For most of my trips I have relied on:

In Anagni I chose – Città dei Papi Hotel.

Good Reads

A really good read on the commuting life of an expat in Italy – Italian Ways: On and Off the Rails from Milan to Palermo – available on Amazon.

For Venice recommends City of Falling Angeles, John Berendt – a non-fiction written in a fictional style. It’s captivating and makes you feel like you know the city like a good friend. 

A 3 part series by Rick Zullo where you will learn to Talk like an Italian, Eat like an Italian & Live like an Italian.


Did you use any of the Useful Links Italy provided? Think there is one I missed?

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