Teatro Antico of Taormina Sicily | The Italian icon I was not going to miss

Taormina Sicily.

Finally, I can say that this summer has been great, in regards to marking things off my bucket list and the Teatro Antico of Taormina was right up there – it was a dream come true!

As you know*, we were stuck traveling through Sicily by bus & as a result, we considered leaving Taormina out.

However, the Teatro Antico (ancient theatre) of Taormina, is an Italian icon and we had to go!

Those familiar with Taormina will know it sits on a rocky plateau on Mount Tauro (250 ma.s.l), overlooking Ionian sea!

Funicular to Taormina
You can even get a Funicular to Taormina!

The construction of Taormina’s first hotel, in 1874, marked a major turning point for Taormina Sicily, positioning it on the proverbial map.

Undoubtedly, this gorgeous town is one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations and it’s no surprise! 

Porta Catania:Porta Messina
Entrance into Toarmina – Porta Messina

Regardless of the 34℃ weather, the stress of catching the bus and the tight schedule – it was worth it.

*Read my posts on Catania and Etna.

View of Taormina2

Teatro Antico di Taormina Sicily

View from Teatro Antico
The Teatro Antico of Taormina

Carved into the rock, the Teatro Antico has a spectacular back drop with the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna!

In fact, it is the second largest theater in Sicily, after the one in Syracuse (which we did not see).

We know the greeks built the original theatre, however, the exact date of construction is still up for debate.  

Teatro Antico

Historians believe it was constructed around 300 BC – 2300 odd years ago and it’s still utilized today! (insert shocked emoji)

It’s likely that the Greeks held major events, showcasing their famous tragedies, while the Romans, after various modifications, used it for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles!

That. Is. Crazy!

Teatro Antico view.jpg
Undoubtedly one of the most famous views in the world!

It’s all About the Details

It has a maximum diameter of about 109 meters (367 feet) and a height of about 20 meters (65 feet).

At the top of the theatre, it is circled by a double gallery with arches supported on the outside by simple pillars and inside by marble columns.

Etna from Teatro Antico2
The outer ring of Theatre

The theater, today, has a capacity of 4500 accessible seats and it’s an exceptional location for concerts, plays and operas.

Can you imagine enjoying a concert in a theatre built more than 2300 years ago?!

Why I had to Visit

Etna from Teatro Antico
Ionian Sea, Mount Etna & Taormina

The history, the architecture, the stupendous backdrop. Need I go on?

As I stepped through the entrance of the historical center of Taormina Sicily, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of anticipation – I was almost there!

The Elegance, charming atmosphere, the combination of old & new, along with the preservation of history and culture, are incredible.

Taormina town
Inside the town of Toarmina

Even though it was a long day on a bus, having to then travel south to Siracusa on the same day, I knew we had to see Taormina.

If you are off to visit Sicily, then make sure to take a good day to visit Taormina and the Teatro Antico – you will not regret it. 

Teatro Antico info
Teatro Antico info

Getting to Taormina Sicily

bus catania Taormina
The Interbus from Catania to Taormina

From Catania to Taormina, the trip is approximately 1 hour (more or less) with Interbus*. 

The return ticket cost us 8.50EUR in a huge, air-conditioned bus, while a one-way ticket is 4.00EUR.

We found that the prices was incredibly reasonable and the buses relatively on time, which was a bit of a shock. During summer months, buses run every 30 minutes!

bus catania Taormina2
The bus stop for Taormina in the Interbus Bus Station – Catania

*the website is in Italian but it has the option to translate the page using Google Translate on the top right*

Typical sicilian clay pieces

Car or no car, tight schedule or not, I was not going to miss this amazing spectacle – do you think I made the right choice? 😉 

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