Stadio Olimpico Rome | How to see a Serie A Football Game in the Eternal City

Stadio Olimpico Rome.

You have landed on this page because you know the one thing that makes Rome, Rome, and its not food, PDA, the Colosseum or the traffic.

It’s football (or Soccer for our American/Australian readers). 

I highly recommend taking a step in the Eternal City’s modern Arena and I hope this simple guide helps you take part in one of the best experiences in Rome.

Serie A Football!

Stadio Olimpico Rome

The Stadio Olimpico Rome is found in the Foro Italico sporting complex and it located north of the historical city centre, nestled between Ponte Milvio and the Vatican.

Construction of the Stadio Olimpico started in 1937.

First called the Foro Mussolini, the name was later changed to Foro Italico after World War II. 

Today the Stadio Olimpico is home to the Serie A Teams of AS Roma and SS Lazio, along with the National Rugby Team, athletic events and even concerts.

How to see a Serie A Football Game in Rome

Luckily the world of online ticket purchases is available in Italy but you might think that ‘it’s a given’, however, for Italian standards that is not the case.

Companies like Ticketone or Listicket play a big part in distributing tickets on behalf of many of Seria A’s football teams.

Tickets for Juventus, Lazio, Napoli, Fiorentina and many other Italian teams are available through these websites, as well as, many other big events throughout Italy.

Stadio Olimpico Rome

Choose your Seats

Stadio Olimpico Rome

Neutrals looking for a more ‘placid’ experience should consider Tribuna Tevere alongside the pitch, which are directly opposite the most expensive Tribuna Monte Mario tickets.

The distinti section, opposite the home end, are normally reserved for away fans.

I do recommend La Curve Nord (Lazio) or Curve Sud (Roma) as they are not only the cheapest tickets and usually booked for the ‘Ultras’ sections, but are where the real action is. 

For those going for the first time, I would avoid games such as the Derby (Lazio vs Rome), Rome vs Milan or Inter, Rome vs Napoli or Rome or Lazio vs Juventus, Lazio vs Atalanta. 

Stadio Olimpico Rome
Looking at the Curve Nord from Tevere section

Buying tickets to see AS Roma football games

  1. Go to the Tickets page on the Roma Website
  2. Select the game you wish to see from the list presented. Those indicated as ‘CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE!’ are available for purchases. All other options indicate the ticket is not available for purchase at that time.
  3. You are at the Choose your Seat page.
  4. Select your row and insert your personal details.
  5. You are then on the Checkout page and you will need to fill out other useful information (i.e. email address, the ticket price (select intero) and acceptance of the Terms etc (3 ticks required to proceed). Click Submit when ready.
  6. Payment completion (credit card portal).
  7. Confirmation.

Buying tickets to see SS Lazio football games

  1. Go to the Tickets and Stadium page on the Lazio Website to see what games are available for purchase.
  2. Click on Buy Tickets for the game you wish to see, from the list presented. Where this option is not available, the ticket is not available for purchase at that time.
  3. You will be redirected to the Website and you will need to complete registration if your first time.
  4. Complete all the on-screen instructions.
  5. Payment completion (PayPal and credit card portal).
  6. Confirmation.
Stadio Olimpico Rome
Away section stadio olimpico

Useful Info for Expats looking to buy a Serie A Ticket

The “Tessera del tifoso” is a card that identifies the supporter of a particular team, introduced a few years ago for security reasons and does present some advantages as it allows to have facilitated routes inside the stadiums, discounts on other events organized by the sponsors and the possibility to purchase tickets without having to stand in line at the box office.

As a general rule, you must have the card if you are an Italian citizen living in the region of the opposing team.

For example, you live in Rome and you want to watch Milan vs Roma, then you need the card in order to buy the ticket. You must also have the card if you want to watch the game from the away fans section of the stadium, regardless of nationality/residence.

So if you live in Rome and you want to see the game from the section of the stadium reserved to the Milan fans, you will need the card.

This system applies to all teams/regions.

Stadio Olimpico Rome
My view from the Tribune Tevere section

Good Final Tips

Don’t forget to bring your Passport/ID card with you the day of the game and cash to buy some food or drinks during the game.

Note that the ID must match the name you inserted when purchasing the ticket.

Only the paper copy will be accepted at the entrance gates when purchasing the tickets online with the “print at home” option.

You won’t be able to enter the stadium by showing the PDF document on your smart phone or tablet.

Your going to watch either a Lazio or Roma Serie A game so do not wear opposing team colours! 

Do not miss out my post on 72 hours in the Eternal, a local guide.

Useful Information on Stadio Olimpico Rome

ADDRESS Via Foro Italico, 00194 Rome

TELEPHONE +39 0636851

DIMENSION 105.14 m x 66.60 m


How to Reach Stadio Olimpico Rome from Termini Station

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