Pigneto | Welcome to Rome’s Bohemian Neighbourhood

As I walk through the streets of Pigneto, I cannot help but hear Queen.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide

No escape from reality Open your eyes Look up to the skies and seeeee…

For many starting this post with the intro to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen (have a listen) may seem a little strange, however, this is simply due to the fact that for many of you, Pigneto will seem strange, maybe a little dingy.

When in reality, it’s a little part of Rome worth discovering.



Welcome to Pigneto in Rome.

As you approach the end of Termini Station and you pass Porta Maggiore, unbenounced to you, you have stepped into what is the Pigneto neighbourhood of Rome.

Pigneto map
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At first you will probably think to yourself, ‘Tourist by Chance, where did you take me?’, while you pass the somewhat dirty roads, ugly tall apartments, graffiti painted walls, and a grisly history that has taken sometime to shake off.

However, this is part of this neighbourhood’s charm, as today, Pigneto has become one of Rome’s most popular, and ‘più fighi’ (‘coolest’), destinations to enjoy la ‘movida romana’.


That being said, Pigneto is the place for food aficionados, lovers of street art, artists and those looking for the bohemian side of Rome.

Not all Romans appreciate this part of Rome.

However, it is a must for those wanting to get away from selfie sticks, long line-ups, touristy food and hoards of tourists.

What makes Pigneto Different?


Regardless of its close proximity to so many of the major sites of the Eternal City, as you walk through the ‘area pedonale’ (pedestrian area), the one thing that will stick out is that 90% of the people sitting in the many restaurants, music venues and bars, that line the alley ways, are Italian.

So you know you are far away from ‘tourist traps’.

Not interested in the ‘movida’ Romana? Not a problem!

A few short hours after all the bars close down, the area pedonale of Pigneto transforms into an open air market, with a number of fresh produce stalls and flowers.

Open Monday – Saturday from 6:00am to 2:00pm.


By mid to late afternoon, artists of every type flock back to Pigneto to enjoy their favourite cucina Romana with a twist.

Or simply to sit down with friends, talk of their favourite Picasso painting, while they dissect the meaning of life.  

This and more, while enjoying a Vino Biologico or a Spritz.

Other reasons you will want to consider Pigneto during your trip to Rome is to enjoy the cheaper AirB&B’s, reasonably priced meals, and experience Rome as a local.

Where to Eat in Pigneto?


Being away from ‘tourist traps’ does not mean you are always going to have the best meal of your life.

That is why I will recommend a few places that you can enjoy something ‘fancy, something ‘Roman’ and your aperitivo ‘bar’. 

Each of the restaurants (and those found in ‘Restaurants Around Italy‘), I have tried personally and recommend. Tastes are different so if you have tried a place, that you believe deserves a mention, please leave a comment below. 

Aperitivo: Vini & Olii

Lunch/Dinner Option: Pigneto Quarantuno or La Santeria


Pigneto may have once been a blue collar suburb that many feared passing by after sunset, while today it is home to some the trendiest bars, restaurants and music venues of The Eternal City.

Enjoy the pedestrian only, street lined, mix of ristoranti, bar and clientele, all striving for that infamous hipster status, the Italian way.

Do not miss to walk through Via del Pigneto.

How to get to there from Termini?

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