My 5 Best Apps Italy – Cibo & Vino

Apps Italy – Part I of a 3 part series in regards to Apps you will need, for your next trip to Italy. Rather than the boring and over used ‘stars’, I have rated each app with a ‘mobile rating system’ (📱).

My Apps Italy: Cibo & Vino, are the best apps I use when deciding on restaurants, food types, wine recommendations and winery visits. There are some other apps that I wanted to add but that I have personally not used yet, so this list may get updated over the next few months.

Make sure to look out for Part II – Apps Italy: Getting Around & Sightseeing.

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Apps Italy: Wine

Apps Italy Food Wine Wino Alberto Claretta assandri

App: Wino

Created by: Alberto Claretta Assandri

In app purchases: None

Why you should download it: 3 Mobile rating. There is still some work to be done on getting this 100% user friendly, however, the map is great and allows you to select a winery and at least get all the necessary info, such as website etc. So if you are not sure where to look, this app puts a good number of wineries on a map so you know whats close to you. I recommend it, especially for those that are into enotourism. 

Operating System: iOS

Rating: 📱📱📱

Apps Italy Food Wine vivino

App: Vivino

Created by: Vivino ApS

In app purchases: Yes. Premium packages. 

Why you should download it: It’s free, it’s social & if you are a lover of wine like I am, then it’s a must. I recommend this app, along with a wine course you may be taking. Good practise for what you have learned but more importantly, it keeps track of all those wines that you tasted on your trips (if you have a bad memory like I do!), along with your own notes, confronted with other users. I personally use this app for any new bottle of wine I try and while I do not have many followers, I use it more as a reminder of the wines I have tried and what I thought of them. 

Operating System: iOS & Android

Rating: 📱📱📱📱📱

Apps Italy: Food


Apps Italy Food & Wine Elizabeth-Minchilli

App: Eat Italy

Created by: Elizabeth Minchilli

In app purchases: 3,99EURO for the Eat Rome guide. All other guides range from 0,99EUR – 2,99EUR. 

Why you should download it: 4 mobile rating. Many of you will want to stay in the touristy parts of the major cities – unfortunately, this does mean you will find more tourist traps rather than the real Italian experience. This app actually offers a great list of places and a personal description to each. In my opinion, this is a great app, as you will not find every single restaurant but the ones Ms. Minchilli has actually tried and recommends! Just like my Restaurants section of this blog. 

Operating System: IOS (iPhone/iPad)

Rating: 📱📱📱📱

Apps Italy Food Wine streeteat

App: StreetEat

Created by: StreetEat

In app purchases: None

Why you should download it: 4 mobile rating. If you love street food, or you are simply tired of eating a restaurant, then this is a great app for impromptu eating, in one of the biggest open museums in the world! With only 5 trucks in Rome, there is still a bit of work but the one I did try, it was a lot fun and delicious! 

Operating System: iOS & Android

Rating: 📱📱📱📱

Apps Italy Food Wine cibando zomato

App: Zomato

Created by: Cibando (bought by Zomato 2015)

In app purchases: None

Why you should download it: Top mobile rating. Intuitive search, menus and prices! Often updated, this is a pretty cool little tool to help you find your next restaurant in Rome and throughout the country. Really great layout and a great selection. A much more useful tool than the TripAdvisor app, much more intuitive, sleek and modern. A handy tool to have on your phone. 

Operating System: iOS, Android & Windows

Rating: 📱📱📱📱📱


What apps have you used when travelling to Italy that I could add to this list? Did you try these apps? What were your thoughts? Make sure to comment below – would love to hear about your experiences!

6 thoughts on “My 5 Best Apps Italy – Cibo & Vino

  1. Oh, I will definitely be downloading these for when we head to Italy. I’m all about getting the most out of an experience, and if a $2-3 app will enhance the trip, then why not?

    1. Hey Alexa! Thanks for the comment and glad you liked the idea. Each of these apps in on my phone and each one I use for a ‘different experience’ so I would say they are all useful and favorite depending on what it is I am looking for. 🙂 I got another 2 parts coming so watch this space. Ciao!

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