Italy on Netflix | 7 Movies & Series to feed your Italian Wanderlust

Italy on Netflix.

So we can all agree Netflix is pretty awesome.

Who does not enjoy a non-stop entertainment channel with a huge selection of great series and movies, from around the world?

I certainly do and I have had the pleasure to watch a good amount of stuff on my account. 

Tip: If these titles are not available in your country, get yourself a trusty VPN.  

Here are my favourite 7 series and movies on Netflix, to feed your Italian Wanderlust.

Italy on Netflix

Master of None (Series)

Aziz Ansari is playing a not so successful actor in his early 30’s (in love with pasta), and we take a look at the trials and tribulations of dating in the modern world, along with all the other interesting going-ons of a 30something, living in New York.

In season 1 explore the unmatched love Dev (Ansari) has for pasta and how he decides, Italy is where he wants to be.

The start of Season 2 sees Dev leave New York behind to go live in Modena for a little while.

I personally love this show, with the added bonus that you get to have fun while feeding your Italian wanderlust!

Italy on Netflix

The Polka King (Film)

Jack Black plays Jan Lewan, a Polish-American polka band leader who was imprisoned in 2004 for running a Ponzi scheme.

Based on a true story this was a role made for Jack Black.

Why is it on the list?

Jan (Black), through his various business ventures, managed to get a group of elderly people to Rome to meet the Pope and how he does it is true ‘Italian style’!

Italy on Netflix

Gomorrah (Film)

Based on the book Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano (us Italians have a lot of respect for Saviano), this hugely acclaimed movie is set in the suburbs of Naples, with the main focus on the mafia, organized crime, drug dealers and the relationships these have with the ordinary people. 

Heavy on the violence but an interesting insight in one of Italy’s realities – the mafia. 

While not the greatest of publicity for Napoli (a city I adore), it is a great watch and there is a series too! 

English/Italian subtitles are available, as the thick Napoletano accent is an issue for us non-Napoletani! 

Italy on Netflix
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Suburra: Blood on Rome (Series)

By the title you will understand that this is not for the faint of heart, even though it is (mostly) fictional. 

If you have been to Rome before, this is a great series to get into, as it will take you throughout the Eternal City, all the way to Ostia. 

Explore the underworld of Rome, the intricate relationship Italy has with the Vatican, gangsters, the mafia and our political system.

Italy on Netflix

My Way: The Rise and Fall of Silvio Berlusconi (Documentary)

A ‘tell all’ documentary on Silvia Berlusconi, as all the hot topics get covered, including his ‘renowned Bunga Bunga Parties’, corruption cases and all the other ‘wonderful’ things that have made Berlusconi one of Italy’s most infamous, high profile personalities. 

Highly recommended for being an important insight into Berlusconi, a man that for years has been the center of controversy and Italy’s political system. 

Italy on Netflix

Roman Empire: Reign of Blood (Film/Documentary)

I personally am a huge fan of historical chronicles and documentaries so put the two together and you have this great documentary.

Season 1 follows the reign of Commodus, the Roman Emperor who marked the end of Rome. 

The mix between doco and film make this an easy documentary to follow, as well as learning something along they way.

There is no trip to Rome without at least having done some sort of ‘research’ on the history of the Eternal City!

Italy on Netflix

Benvenuti al Sud (Film)

Staring comics  Claudio Bisio and Alessandro Siani, this is the best movie to see, first hand, Italy’s stereotypes about the South and what it may be like for someone from ‘il nord’ (the north) to live ‘al sud’. 

A must see to feed your Italian wanderlust.

After you watch this movie, you may be compelled to book your next holiday in the South of Italy!

Italy on Netflix
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Seen other series or movies with Italy on Netflix? Share them with us in the comments below! 

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Other Worthy Mentions for Italy on Netflix:

  • Amanda Knox
  • The Mafia Kills Only in Summer
  • Da Vinci’s Demons
  • La Grande Bellezza
  • La Vita è Bella













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