Tourist by Chance | 5 Top Italian Cities for your Italian Vacation

Planning your Italian vacation and realise June is over (What? Already?!)?

Finally, you have the time (and money) to take the plunge and start looking around the net, for inspiration.

Planning your Italian Vacation

Well, since many of you will certainly be looking at Italy for your summer holidays, here is a list of 5 cities I would highly recommend.

Please note that it is not listed in ‘preference’ order or from best to least best.

Here are my 5 top recommendations, for your ‘vacanze Italiane’ (Italian Holidays).

Matera, Basilicata | The City of Stones


You may never have heard of the region of Basilicata, in fact, I’d be more surprised if you told me you had heard about it.

Basilicata has a population of about 500,000 people and is home to the town with the ‘oldest’ population in Italy!

Located in Italy’s south, there is a hidden gem, called Matera.

The town of Matera, which borders Puglia, has seen an incredible transformation over the years.  

From one of the poorest towns in Italy to the European Capital of Culture in 2019! 

With an extraordinary history, that seeps through every prehistoric home still visibile, Matera has been used in a number of Hollywood movies too! 

The south of Italy is waiting to show you what a great Italian vacation is all about and read Matera, Basilicata | The City of Stones.

Siracusa, Sicily | Experience the picturesque Isola di Ortigia

Siracusa Sicily

If you have not been to Sicily, then this whole island deserves to be discovered. 

Breathe in the fresh mediterranean air, walk the beautifully white, sun kissed streets and a experience a unique ‘beach experience’ at the Solariums! 

Not big of the ‘beach experience’? Do not fear!

Siracusa offers one of Italy’s most famous markets, incredible day tours around the historical center and a number of museums and artefacts to discover.

Oh, and do not forget your camera!

Prep your sunbathing gear, take notes on my trip to Sicily & Siracusa Sicily | Discover L’Isola di Ortigia so Surreal it feels like a Dream and emerse yourself in this spectacular island, in the Mediterranean.

Napoli, Campania | A Misunderstood Beauty

Napoli, Italy
Sunset over Naples

You may have heard of Napoli (Naples) for its Pizza, Vesuvius, your stop for Sorrento & Capri and its Castles! 

Now take a moment, and picture yourself, along that beautiful coast.

Stroll down the promenade, eating a delicious gelato. Fresh air and sunshine, caress your face, as you admire the views over the Gulf of Naples.

Explore the city center on foot (help digest the gelato) and emerse yourself in the 3rd century Catacombs, the ancient churches, the unique Piazza del Plebiscito, the numerous museums.

Napoli is an ideal holiday destination to discover Campania, it’s easier on the wallet than its neighbours and undoubtedly offers an amazing culinary experience.

Pack comfortable walking shoes & a bathing suit, read more on my great experience in Napoli, Italy | A Misunderstood Beauty and make your way to Naples.

Lago di Bolsena, Lazio | Discovering the wonders outside of Rome

The Lake of Bolsena//

Want to try something different and you have a few days to spare in Rome? 

Follow these steps: rent a car and enjoy a few days discovering the Lago di Bolsena (Lake of Bolsena).

Bolsena is quite a charming town and a great place to ‘hangout’ after a day on the lake.

If you wish to be by lake side for your Italian vacation, make sure to read my post on Discovering Lazio | Bolsena & Montefiascone.

Monterosso al Mare, Liguria | Summer in the suggestive Cinque Terre

Monterosso Cinque Terre
Monterosso al Mare beach

No real introduction needed for Monterosso al Mare and the Cinque Terre, in Liguria.

The Cinque Terre (the Five Lands) are one of Italy’s gems and popular tourist destination.

Insert dark, looming music. The Cinque Terre, similar to Barcelona, is planning to limit the number of tourists that can enter each year! Do not miss out on this amazing part of Italy, while the ‘gates’ are still open. 

Are you passionate about wine and love a good winery experience? (not only drinking! Yes, I know its the best part)? 

Whatever your relationship with wine is, don’t miss out on the many amazing wineries, lining the Ligurian coast. The cultivation process is out of this world!

Not enough to get you to buy your ticket to Italy?

See for yourself, what a truly great Italian vacation you could be having at Monterosso al Mare | An iPhone, a camera & 36 hours in the Cinque Terre

Planning your Italian Vacation with Tourist by Chance

Planning your trip to Italy and need some local advise?

Leave your comments below, on social media or even via email. I will be happy to help! 

Have cool photos to share from your Italian vacation?

Send them through or tag me via social media, I will be sure to share with other Tourists by Chance!

Whatever you do this summer, BUONE VACANZE I to all Tourist by Chance followers!

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