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Welcome to Giove (Jupiter). No, not the 5th planet of our solar system but a small town in Umbria, on the border with Lazio region (central Italy). This small town has less than 2,000 inhabitants and its total area is 15,09 km²! We stumbled upon this town purely by chance and while we stayed long enough to walk ‘Giove Vecchia’, some of the photos will make you want to get there yourself.

Giove, Umbria

I recently wrote a blog post on Discovering Lazio | Montefiascone and Bolsena and while that trip was somewhat planned (at least I knew I wanted to see the Lake of Bolsena), seeing Jupiter was completely unplanned.

I had no idea that we were evening heading toward Umbria, let along we were in the region! 

Yes, that is a clear indication of how ‘planned’ this trip was and how the best things happen when they are unexpected – that is what is so great about this country, the unexpected!

I happened to stumble across it because my travel companion decided that we turn off our TomTom and just continue driving.

I decided we would stop in the first town that would stand out and voilà – we got there.

This post is more a photo diary of this awesome discovery, passing from Lazio to Umbria without even realising it.

It is a reminder that when in Italy, you do not have to use a guide book to tell you what to see and do.

Discovering this country is easy because there is so much to do and it appeals to all types of travelers (foodies & winos, art lovers, historians, photographers, pilgrims – I could go on…but I won’t).

Photo Gallery

Giove is part of the ‘I Borghi più belli d’Italia’ (the best Villages of Italy) and you can see why. The Palace of the Dukes Mattei (in the photos) is the ducal castle and it is located on an ancient rock, that dominates the town.

It is said that the castle has 365 windows, one for each day of the year.

The small ‘lookout’ Piazza is the Gateway into the small medieval town, with its narrow streets made of packed houses, arches and stone entries. 

Best of all, we got some pretty great shots along the way – the sheep in particular were a funny highlight (such a city boy!).

Getting There – The exact route we took


Have you ever been to either ‘alta Lazio’ (northern Lazio) and southern Umbria? Any photos of the sunsets or the town you want to share? Email me your photos and experiences, I will be happy to share your stories with other Tourists by Chance! If you liked the what you saw, make sure to share this post! Thank you for stopping by.

Resources: A relatively old looking website yet quite useful, check out this website (Bella Umbria).


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