About Tourist by Chance

About Tourist by Chance.

I was born in Pisa (right in front of the leaning tower!) and I am a travel, wine, food, photography and football ‘fanatic’.

I have had the pleasure to travel my whole life, including living in Peru, Australia, Cyprus and Oman.

After many years abroad, I find myself back in the Motherland (Italy)!

I am a digital marketer by trade and a photographer by passion.

In 2014, I found myself back in Italy due to love. Awwwwwww – we broke up shortly after – yes I am fine :P.

Which meant starting over but with one great advantage! I got the chance to rediscover my home, my place of birth and a passion for photography that only started in 2012.

So the idea was born, to blend my refound love for Italy, my new passion for photography, and my existing need to travel, to wine and to dine.

And voilà! ‘Tourist by Chance’ was born.

See where it all started and how I become a Tourist by Chance, living in Italy.