Apps and Gadgets to use in Italy

Apps and Gadgets to use in Italy – a recount of all the posts covered by Tourist by Chance on some the cool apps, gadgets and tech to use on your next trip to ‘The Boot’. 

Apps & Gadgets to use in Italy are essential in this day in age, as apps and gadgets have become fundamental to our traveling needs and it is important to know which ones will be most useful during your stay in Italy.  Of course some of these you can use wherever you, whilst others will only be used in Italy so take what you will from these posts but know that I have personally used these or they have been recommended to me by the locals. 

Click on the images to read great tips on what Apps and Gadgets to use in Italy.

Helpful note: You are in Italy and you need to use apps? Get a local sim card! IF you need help, I will be happy to help and do not fall for those international plans, get a local sim for 30-40EUROS. This will be especially helpful if you are staying 1+ weeks!

Apps and Gadgets to use in Italy


Apps Italy Getting Around & Sight Seeing

Apps and Gadgets to use in Italy


My 5 Best Apps Italy – Cibo & Vino

apps italy Apps and Gadgets to use in Italy
My 5 Best Apps Italy – Cibo & Vino

If there is an app, gadget or tech you have used during your trip to Italy, please make sure to share, via the comments below. Like what you saw and read on Apps and Gadgets to use in Italy? Make sure to share your these posts via social media! Do not forget to comment if you have used any of these gadgets, apps or tech mentioned in the posts and give your personal rating – ratings are subjective and it is great to get other perspectives!

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  1. Try Vivino app as well. It’s good to recognize the quality and price of any wine. It’s really handy.

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