Street Art App Rome | Discovering the Murals of the Eternal City (Ostiense/Garbatella)

Street Art App Rome.

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In this post, I will be sharing my experience with a really cool app I found for all us street art lovers. For those app lovers, check out my page on App (click to read some posts) to use on your trip to Italy. 

Well, after my trip to beautiful Barcelona in 2016, I learned to appreciate photographing street art. As a result, I started looking for an easy way to find all the murals the Eternal City has to offer and yes, I found one!

Street Art Rome (available for free on iOS & Android), was designed and developed by Artribune together with Toyota, back in 2015. Oh and its free too!

StreetArt Roma logo

About | Street Art App Rome

Within the app, you will be able to navigate through 30 neighborhoods, 150 roads and 330 works of street art!

Use the useful built in map, with each mural ‘pinned’ throughout the city. 

The geo-localizing allows you to easily search for the closest murals to you. Most of all, Street Art App Rome gives you reason to walk through parts of the city that you would have missed, if you followed a normal guide book!

Street Art Ostiense

Along with the geo-localizaiton, many of the works can be clicked to view information sheets and details.

Personally, I had expected for all the murals to have cool info on the artist, the year etc but it was not the case. Regardless, I am sure this will continue to improve over time. 

Another plus for this app, is the fact that it is the first Italian and English guide, for mobile devices, with which to navigate Rome in search of the many murals scattered around the Capital.

Rome is often referred to as an open-air museum, with marvellous buildings, fountains, bridges dating back thousands of years, found around Italy’s capital.

However, now, Street Art art enthusiasts can rejoice, as they can now find the main works of some of street arts biggest names! Enjoy the works of Blue, Hitnes, Alice Pasquini, Lucamaleonte, Agostino Iacurci and Sten Lex, just to name a few.

After some research online, it looks like the app does not have ALL the works but it does carry the most important ones.

Full mapping can be found on the site and over the next few months, 50,000 street art maps will be distributed throughout the city’s tourist spots – so look out for them!

Exploring Ostiense & Garbatella Street Art

Francesco del Tostos Ponte Settimia Spizzichino – from Ostiense to Garbatella

In this post, I concentrated on two areas – Ostiense and Garbatella, located in the south of Rome.

Best Part? After a 2-3 hour walk/photography shoot, you are in a great area to enjoy some awesome local restaurants and bars. 

Getting here by public transportation is easy, via metro (Line B). Then open Street Art App Rome and voilà!

Start Exploring!

The Artists

From Blu to Hitnes, from Alice Pasquini to Lucamaleonte, from Agostino Iacurci to Sten Lex, David Vecchiato to Gaia, Jaz to Etam Cru, Diamond to Best Ever, Seth to L’Atlas, Maupal to Mr. Klevra, From Liquen to Nicola Verlato. 

Sten & Lex audience of wall of fame.

These artists have collaborated with galleries and associations, and are protagonists of this growing movement of artistic production, urban regeneration and cultural diffusion in Rome.

In addition, it is carried out in synergy with residents, district committees and local administrations – something totally new for Italy.

Herbert Baglione – Planet Earth

Can you guess the these famous faces?

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