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Hello fellow Tourists by Chance, introducing Skype Italian Teacher. 

Many of you have come across Tourist by Chance for things to see and do in Italy, while others have also found and used my Useful Links section (above) – so you could say that I am meeting my goals for this blog! 

There are, however, those that want to be more involved in Italian culture and do so, they feel like learning the language is a first great step. I absolutely agree!


Well, I thought I would extend the Tourist by Chance ‘net’ and have come across Aurora, founder of Skype Italian Teacher. As you can tell from her website name, she teaches Italian via Skype! Ah, technology! 

Full contact details are provided below and if you do use Aurora, please come back to this post and leave a comment and review! Other travellers will thank you!

Skype Italian Teacher a note by Aurora

Hi, my name is Aurora, I am 25 years old, I currently live in Dublin and am the founder of Skype Italian Teacher.

Apart from my own personal project, I am teaching Italian at the Institute of Italian Culture in Dublin. I studied at the Università degli studi di Milan, where I went on to do a Masters on promoting the Italian language and culture to foreigners. 

Previously I worked as a substitute teacher and special education teacher at several elementary schools in the district of Milan. I also worked with a publisher in writing a book on a healthy life (How2 editions, manual for super health and super wellness).

The Skype Italian Teacher project stems from my passion for the Italian language and for teaching.

skype italian teacher

Having the need to learn English, I started taking lessons via Skype and I could test for myself just how comfortable, engaging and gratifying way to study.

Hence my idea to propose the same concept in Italian.

I propose customized lessons that are shaped according to the needs of my students and their level of preparation.

In case if you need more details please ask without problems! Below I have linked you on my site and I put you on my page logo. 

If you are interested in learning Italian, with a trained professional, with the flexibility to choose when to take the lessons, then check out Skype Italian Teacher! I look forward to seeing you soon.

Contact Details:

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