Rome’s Illusion | Via Niccolò Piccolomini and the Shrinking Cupola

Rome’s Illusions

We all know what an amazing city Rome, Italy is culturally! But how many of you know about Rome’s Illusions? Via Niccolò Piccolomini is one!

Today, I will show (in the video below) and tell you about, one of Rome’s illusions. I was told about Via Niccolò Piccolomini last year by a good friend of mine Federico so do not feel bad if you never heard of this cool street!

Finally a couple of Sunday’s ago, I decided it was time to go check it out and see this optical illusion for myself.

Via Niccolo Piccolomini

How does it work, in 5 easy steps!

Step 1:

For the best results, get on a cab, a car, bike/scooter (for the brave) or even the bus (use the Movvit App – its awesome).

Step 2:

Start at the end of via Niccolò Piccolomini, at the farthest point away from the view of the dome of Saint Peter’s.

Step 3:

Head towards it but be careful of traffic, as there is a STOP sign.

Step 4:

Be amazed, as you get closer to the Dome, the smaller it appears!

Step 5:

View from the end of the street

Take awesome shots of the Cupola once you have arrived at the end of the street.

Tip 1: 

Being on wheels enhances the illusion but you can still do it on foot too (just follow steps 2 and 3!).  

Cool info:

The combined round shape of the dome and a slight curve in the horizon, create this pretty cool optical illusion. 

Rome’s Illusion | Via Niccolò Piccolomini and the shrinking Cupola

Where is Via Niccolò Piccolomini?

Once you are done taking 1000 photos (like I did), head towards Trastevere for an awesome aperitivo or dinner!

If you need any suggestions, make sure to check out my Restaurants Around Italy post!

Have you ever seen other of Rome’s Illusions?

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