Photographing Rome | 11 Reasons it’s a Photographers Dream

Photographing Rome, Italy. One of the most visited cities in the world, filled with history, art, amazing cuisine and much much more. Now most of you will know the cultural reasons why this city is so famous but there is one aspect that needs to be highlighted. This city is a (amateur & pro) photographers DREAM and I wish to showcase why – and not just because you can see the ‘Colosseum’! The whole city offers incredible perspectives and taking a great photo is not such a difficult feat with all this beauty.

Photographing Rome

I wish to highlight ‘amateur’ because I know I am no Mario Testino, Christian Aslund or an Annie Leibovitz but I do love photography. I love discovering this beautiful country with a camera in one hand and a glass of wine in the other – I mean, that’s how you should visit any city in Italy 😉 So here goes – 11 Reasons I believe Rome is a Photographer’s Dream.

1. The People

Parco Adriano Roma Photography Italy
The locals enjoying a relaxing afternoon in Parco Adriano

Italians love the outdoors and who can blame them? Whether it be old friends gathering with their pets on a Sunday afternoon at Parco Adriano (image above) or a group of University students filling the streets outside a small bar in the San Giovanni area, the day to day life of Roman living can give you some amazing snap shots. 

I chose the photo above because these locals went for a Sunday stroll with their pets and sat down at the park talking about their opinions on a recent show at a theatre and they were vivaciously discussing their interpretation of it. I found this to be an amazing ‘meeting point’, behind the beautiful Castel Sant’Angelo.

2. The Galleria’s

Galleria Alberto Sordi
The beautiful Galleria’s

There is definitely no shortage of beautiful buildings to photograph in Rome but I absolutely love the Alberto Sordi Galleria, on Via del Corso. Here you find (yes, over priced) cafe’s and shops but look at the detail and the ceiling! The Stile Floreale (art nouveau) design is clearly seen in this spectacular building. Built in 1922, it was originally called Galleria Colonna but in 2003, to commemorate the great actor, Alberto Sordi, it has since been called the Galleria Alberto Sordi. You can walk through the Galleria to go to the Fontana di Trevi.

3. The Fountains

Piazza Navona
One of the 2000 fountains of Rome, in Piazza Navona.

Do I really need add any more to this? I mean with over 2000 fountains in the Eternal City alone, each providing ‘open air’ works of art, they are no doubt a must to photograph when in Rome. The likes of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Giuseppe Valadier, Nicola Salvi and Carlo Maderno – were the men behind some of the most iconic fountains found in Rome. You can find a complete list here.

4. The houses

The fresco on an apartment building in Pantheon area
The fresco on an apartment building in Pantheon area

Do not forget to look up when you are in Rome because even the apartment buildings have frescos/graffito decorations such as the image above! So look up and be amazed by the sheer beauty and small works of art, that no guide book would mention. You might not know the history of what it represents but they are beautiful nonetheless and make a great photo!

5. The Churches

Saint Paul's Outside the Walls Basilica
Saint Paul’s Outside the Walls Basilica

I say this all the time – you do not need to be religious to appreciate the churches and Basilicas of Rome. In fact, I always suggest all visitors to visit as many as possible because, not only are they incredible buildings but inside the works of art are breathtaking. You could say they are the best ‘free museums’ because many of them offer breathtaking art and are full of history.

6. The Views

Pincian Hill
View from Pincio (Pincian Hill) in Villa Borghese

There are some amazing view points around Rome, where you can get some incredible views of the Eternal City. Whether you are at Villa Borghese, Lo Zodiaco, Minerva Roof Garden or the Garden of the Orange Trees, you can spot the Cupola of St. Peters and the impressive Altare della Pace but more importantly, where you get a good view of the city it is a photographer’s dream!

7. The Fiat 500’s

Photographing Rome Fiat 500 Rome
A Fiat 500 in the city

Whether you find one parked in the many little Via’s of Trastevere or driving through il Campidoglio, these cars are as iconic as many of the popular monuments of the city. These versions were made between 1957 and 1975 and were the ‘Peoples car’ after world war one. I personally love photographing this car throughout the city!

8. Parks

Photographing Rome
Parco Adriano, Rome

If you did not know, Rome is one of the ‘greenest’ cities in Europe! You are spoilt for choices when choosing a pleasant stroll or even a picnic with local products with your family or partner. Parco Adriano (image above) is found directly behind Castel Sant’Angelo or find a quiet spot in the huge Villa Doria Pamphili (184 hectares!). Wikipedia has the full list.

9. The Bridges

St. Angelo Bridge
St. Angelo Bridge built by Emperor Hadrian.

There are some incredible bridges around Rome and each with an amazing history! The image above is the St. Angelo Bridge completed in 134 AD! 134 AD!! Isn’t that incredible?! Some offer amazing sculptures and others amazing views of the Tiber and surrounding areas. Each a reminder of the grandeur of Rome’s past – absolutely in love a truly a must when photographing Rome.  

10. The Streets

Photographing Rome Via della Conciliazione
Via della Conciliazione

Cobbled streets can be found throughout the city. You are walking/driving on important parts of history. Not many countries can boast such views when exploring them. One thing I highly recommend is to walk as much of the city as you can! Photographing Rome is also about the details and the streets are a great reminder that you are in a beautiful city. 

11. The Piazza’s

Photographing Rome Obelisco della Minerva
Obelisco della Minerva found in Piazza della Minerva, Rome

In many of my posts I write about the importance of Piazza’s in Italy and in Rome it is no different. Many of you will know the famous ones (Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona etc) and when photographing Rome, Piazza’s are a great place to start. These public squares are an important ‘hangout’ place for locals and tourists alike, where you are surrounded by impressive monuments and most importantly, a great place to get beer or bottle of wine, relaxing and taking in the beauty that is Rome. 


Do you agree on the 11 reasons photographing Rome is pretty awesome? Have photos of Rome you wish to share? Send them through to and I will share and tag you on my social media channels! Love sharing other peoples love for my country so do not be shy and send them through. Do not forget to share via social media! Thank you for stopping by and hope you soon will be a Tourist by Chance in Italy soon. Ciao e a presto! 🙂

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