Mercato Centrale Roma | Termini’s New Hub for Roman Food

Mercato Centrale Roma (direct translation: Central Market Rome) located in Termini Station, Rome’s Central Station.

Termini, you could say, had seen better days and I am not going to say the area is perfect. There are still a number of issues that still need to be solved.

However, over the past couple of years, there have been some big changes to Termini.

We are seeing new stores, a cleaner environment, and even ticket checks before boarding (only the Freccia – high speed – trains). However, something else is happening.

Mercato Centrale Roma
The Garden of Herbs – local herbs just outside the Mercato Centrale Roma. My friend Marianna checking it out.

Mercato Centrale Roma, is happening.

Rome’s Central Market is a great way for all the millions of travellers, to get that last taste of ‘the Eternal City’, before embarking on your next destination (where new flavours will await).

There are plenty of quality options from some of the most famous local businesses, that have become a staple to Roman life. In short, Mercato Centrale Roma is just a good way to say ‘arrivederci Roma’.

I provide you an A-la-Carte (menù) view of Mercato Centrale Roma, starting from your Antipasto, through to your Dolci!

Buon Appetito!

Antipasto (Starter)

Il Fritto

Mercato Centrale Roma
Il Fritto – start with local fried foods like Supplì or Olive Ascolane! Pair with a sparking white or a fresh red from Lazio!

Tagliere di Salumi e Formaggi

Mercato Centrale Roma
Or just order a ‘tagliere’ of salumi e formaggi (cold cuts and cheeses). A nice fresh red for this antipasto!

Il Trapizzino

Mercato Centrale Roma
Il Trapizzino is a Roman favorite and some would consider it a ‘whole meal’. I am not one of these people. I would go for a nice double malt beer with this one!

Il Pane e i dolci

Mercato Centrale Roma
No Roman meal is complete without bread! Bonci offers an incredible variety of the highest quality.



Choose from a variety of Pasta dishes or just pick up some fresh pasta, once you get to your Air BnB in Florence or Orvieto!

If you have not had enough Pasta or want something a little different, head to the Tartufo (Truffle) area!


You just cannot leave Pizza off the menù when in Italy.  Local trip – believe it or not, even Pizza’s change from region to region!

Mercato Centrale Roma

Secondi e Contorni

Fish and meat are also available here! So there really is something everyone in here – yes even a small Sushi corner and even Vegan options.

Mercato Centrale Roma
Get yourself a nice steak if you are really hungry before you go. Get a nice Cesanese wine open for this one – preferably a full bodied one!

Pair your fish or meat dish with a delicious ‘contorno’ or side dish or just make yourself a vegetarian dish at the Carciofi and Funghi corner (artichokes and mushrooms).

Mercato Centrale Roma


Well this is part of the menu you have all been looking for, I am sure! Enjoy delicious baked sweets, gelato or artiginal chocolate for dessert. 

Buon Appetito

There is plenty to eat and drink at Termini’s Mercato Centrale and it is worth the stop! So next time you go to Termini, ignore the ugly and enjoy a nice meal before your next big trip!

Mercato Centrale Roma

Where is it?

Mercato Centrale Roma

Via Giolitti, 36 Termini Station

Open: Every day from 7 am to 12 am

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