Luca Travels Around | Tourist by Chance Interview

Hey guys, today I introduce you to Luca Travels Around.

Stepping outside of the usual Italy post, I am here to get some insider info on Luca, an Italian with a passion for travel and the founder of Luca Travels Around. 

On Luca Travels Around, he introduces himself to his readers:

Hi, I’m Luca and this is the place where I’ll talk about my travels, past and future, and everything that has to do with it, always outspokenly! Enjoy!

Luca not only writes about his trips around the world but also has a great collection of blogger interviews!

I have always been an interviewee (if you will) and never the interviewer (The Guy & Emily Luxton) so this is something new for Tourist by Chance. 

Being a blogger, learning from other bloggers is both useful and inspiring. So let’s get to know Luca from Italy.

Luca Travel Around | Tourist by Chance Interview

Luca Travels Around

1. Let’s get to know you Luca and tell us about yourself.

Hi, Valter, and hi to all your readers too! So, let’s start! I’m Luca, I’m an Italian guy with the passion for traveling and technology. Being Italian, though, I love food too! Unfortunately for my readers, I like much more eating than taking pictures of what I eat (or it gets cold!) so I fear you won’t find many shots of my culinary discoveries, unless you like ’em half eaten.

I started traveling when I was young but only when I started doing it due to working reasons I really understood that is what I want to do until the end. I spent overall several years living abroad because of that, so far my longest stay is 18 months in Canada, and now I’m looking for moving from Italy for good, to live new experiences.

2. Luca Travels Around is your blog – what inspired you to become a blogger and start your site?

To be honest, that’s not my first blog, it’s my fourth! In the past I started a personal blog, just for fun, a blog about game design, that I quit after a while, and another one about eco-technology, still ongoing but I’m not anymore the one who takes care of it.

What inspired me is the passion for writing, but that doesn’t mean I’m necessarily good at it, I simply like it! Probably writing it in Italian would have been better but you know, I didn’t want to look like the usual Italian who knows only his native language.

3. You are Luca Travels Around. So you ‘Travel Around’ a bit! So I have to ask. Most annoying nationality of travelers you have run across?

Hahaha, you want me to say something bad here hehe! In a way or in the other, everyone is annoying. For sure I can’t help but say that Italians usually piss me off when I travel, also because you can spot them from hundreds of meters away, but from my experience, the worst are the Israelis.

I met hordes of them while backpacking through south America and they were continuously bragging about how cool they are, how much they know martial arts, how they enjoy having fun, how they have a sabbatical year abroad after the army, how good you speak English even if you’re Italian…

4.Three things you would never want to travel without (excluding basics passport etc)?

Not in a particular order, but I’d say: sunglasses, I have bright eyes and the minimum ray of sun hurts me; my little Swiss knife, even if I already had to say goodbye to several of them because I forgot to put them in the hold luggage while passing check-ins at the airport; the smartphone, because it’s the best way to know where you are when you’re lost, thanks to GPS, and I can use it to take pictures or gather info on the country I’m visiting.

I hope a battery charger can be considered included in the smartphone since they’re sold together, or I have to think about something else hahaha.

5. If you could ask one question to someone in history, who and what would it be?

Dear Christopher Columbus, didn’t you feel extremely stupid after you realized you discovered a new continent only because of your luck and not because you knew where your were going?

Luca Travels Around

6. Which fictional character would you like to meet for a drink?

Indiana Jones! I’d like to speak with him about his adventures, the mysteries he discovered and after some couple of drinks we can go kick some serious Nazi’s asses!

7. Which continent would you spend the rest of your life traveling around and why?

Asia, no doubt about it. I only visited Japan but there are a lot of other countries there I’d like to spend months visiting, so why not the rest of my life? It’s so big and full of different cultures that for me it would be amazing to wander and discover the most I can in the time I have left. Maybe it would be difficult from a linguistic point of view, but who cares? I’m Italian, I can speak with hand gestures!

8. Give us ONE Luca Travels Around good and embarrassing guilty pleasure of yours.

I love Brussels sprouts! I don’t particularly like to eat vegetables, but for this one, I can make an exception. I’m the only one among the people I know who really enjoy some Brussels sprouts and I can’t understand why, they’re so good!

On the other side, I don’t drink coffee at all, I can’t even stand its smell! Quite unusual for an Italian…

Luca Travels Around

9. Which single upcoming trip has you the most excited right now?

Actually, I’m not planning anything for the near future, I have some things to take care of and no time/resources to plan for something the way I want it.

Anyway, I’d like to go again in Japan, but this time leaving to Tokyo only a couple of days and traveling more the whole country, from north to south (or vice-versa). There are cities and places I’d like to see but it would take, in a rush, a couple of weeks probably.

I guess I’ll prepare a draft of the trip anyway, it will come handy for sure, sooner or later, or maybe I will share it with my readers!

10. Let’s play a game, imagine you have been condemned to die (unfortunately), but you get to have any meal in the world before you go. What is your menu?

Oh well, a game where I know I’m going to lose it’s not funny! Anyway, I guess there’s nothing worse than dying with an empty belly, so let’s try to build up a menu, from appetizers to the dessert, like Italian culinary tradition taught me.

I’d start with something from the West, a Peruvian dish I ate in Madrid, the causa a la limeña. As the name implies, it’s a recipe typical of Lima and it consist of layers of mashed potatoes alternate to several toppings like tuna, chicken, avocado or whatever you like. It was sublime!

As a first course, spaghetti alla trabaccolara. It’s a typical fish-based pasta originating from my home city in Tuscany, Viareggio. It’s a simple recipe that consists of spaghetti and a sauce made from peasant fishes and tomato. The name comes from trabaccolo, a type of boat used by fishermen at the beginning of 20th century on the high Adriatic Sea.

Let’s go for the second course with chicken curry from India! There’s no smell in the world that makes me happy like the curry one. Every time I smell it, I automatically start smiling so why don’t be happy on your last day on earth? No rice, though, just some naan to mop up the sauce from the plate (fare la scarpetta).

To end, a fresh, soft, and creamy Italian tiramisù, the best way to end a meal. I didn’t want to put two dishes from my country on the same menu but really, there’s no contest.

Maybe I just got too mixed with all of this, with absolutely no theme between courses, but who cares? Let me eat what I want before my departure!

11. Which fictional character or movie, would you say is a reflection of who you are?

There is still to be a character or a movie that reflects who I am, but I’m sure when its time will come, it will win an Academy Award!

12. What is your long term plan for your blog Luca Travels Around?

I guess, like everyone starting a blog, what we want is to have readers, have persons who find interesting what we write, and grow accordingly in popularity, no matter for what reason.

Of course, that’s what I’d like too, a bigger and well-known blog, at least in the sector, and the possibility to write for living about what I like/dislike around the world.

What can I also tell you is that I don’t want to be a sort of a “travel guide”, I’m not interested in it. It happened and will happen for sure that I write about a specific country or city, pointing out what’s the best thing to see or do, but in my opinion, it’s too constraining, too common, and I don’t like it. I can’t think of myself as a free spirit (sort of :D) and then be bounded to write what everyone else writes!

But you know, at the moment I’m even struggling to keep up the pace with one article per week (actually, I can’t) because of some commitments, so I see the aforementioned goal quite far away.

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I had the pleasure of virtually ‘meeting’ Luca, after finding his post on Milan and so I got in contact with him.

I then asked him, if I could add a link to his post on Milan, on the post I had released – check it out – Milan by Tourist by Chance and one thing led to another and here we are! 

Make sure to get to know Luca and follow his travel adventures.

A big thank you to Luca for taking part in this interview and you can see the funny questions Luca asked me, via his Interview with the blogger: Valter, from Tourist by Chance.

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