Living in Italy | The good, the bad and the great

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Living in Italy – The good, the bad and the great. This is a recount of all those posts on Italian lifestyle and living in Italy in general. Now many blog just talk about the GREAT and the GOOD but I also want to touch on the BAD of living in, undoubtedly a beautiful country, an important European country.

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Living in Italy

The good, the bad and the great


A touch of ‘Alta Moda’ for Italy’s Monuments

A look how Italy’s monuments are getting a helping hand from another Italian icon – alta moda (fashion!).

quattro fontane rome italy fountains, Living in Italy
The River Aniene


Rome & the Start of the Extraordinary Jubilee 

A locals look at how the Eternal City is preparing for the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy & the important things you should know!

Via conciliazione, Living in Italy
Via della Conciliazione, Vatican


Hotel? How about a Monastery! 

Forget hotels or B&B’s or even renting other peoples homes, enjoy a real local experience and sleep at a Monastery!

monastery accommodation, Living in Italy
A room inside a Monastery in Florence


Movies filmed in Italy, in the last 15 years

Italy has been the backdrop to hundreds of films and it is clear to see why but here is a look at the films of the last 15 years.

movies filmed in Italy Living in Italy
Ciak! Hollywood movies in Italy


Cin Cin! A year in Review

A look at what 2015 was like for Tourist by Chance and what you can see covering 3000km around the boot!

tourists by chance Living in Italy
A year in Review with Tourist by Chance


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