Best Travel Blogs According to Tourist by Chance

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Best Travel Blogs.

Updated October, 2016

Part of, #Get_Inspired, Best Travel Blogs According to Tourist by Chance is a list of the great blogs that I am sure will inspire you to travel to Italy and beyond. I particularly love the different perspectives, photos, writing styles, information and videos of each, and I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Best Travel Blogs According to Tourist by Chance

2 Travel Dads

Why love 2 Travel Dads: So you are a modern family and you love to travel? Join Chris and Rob (a married couple) and their two children travel through Europe, Mexico, the US and Canada (for now), and get all the information you need for your next family trip.

A girl and her passport

Why love A girl and her passport: An expat blogger living in Qatar with a plan to travel as much as possible. Enjoy her trips to Italy, Qatar, and 9 other countries! Join Tiffany as she explores the globe. 

Journey to Design

Why love Journey to Design: As the name states, this blog will take you on a creative exploration of the world. So if you love all design or love creative work, then this is the blog you should visit now. 

Prayers and Piazzas

Why love Prayers and Piazza’s: Stacy is a blogger in love with Italy (& the USA), living in the States. Get to know Italy’s culture for a different perspective, learn useful phrases and read great posts on places to see around Il Bel Paese!

Once We’re Young Travel

Why love Once We’re Young: Salsa lessons, electronic music festivals, Hindi holidays, Football games in Brazil and so much more. Read through the extensive catalog of what to see and do, so all you have to do is get there.

Rick’s Rome

Why love Rick’s Rome: A great blog to on Rome & Italy. In particular this is an ideal read for expats looking to move to Rome and you will even find a section to search and rent your apartment in the Eternal City! 

The Aussie Flashpacker

Why love The Aussie Flashpacker: Simone and Dan are an Australian and a Brit, traveling the world. They love Italy (which was a plus) and have been to 6 continents already. Their fun stories and great pics, will make you want to join them!

The Heritage Travels

Why love The Heritage Travels: Looking for a comprehensive lists of destinations starting from North America through to the Polar Regions? Well let Ashlee and Nick take you around the globe.

The Traveling Map

Why love The Traveling Map: The headline of the blog is ‘We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list!’ which I find to be a great intro, and as you read through expect reviews on theatre productions in London to reviews on Air B&B. US based travel and more!

Tools of Travel

Why love Tools of Travel: For the positive attitude and the ‘Get out and Do it’ attitude. If you need inspiration to travel to Asia, along with some info on where to work out, then this is definitely the blog you need.


Why love Trippin Twins: Join Erica and Tara, twin sisters (hence the name), that focus on day trips and local travel in the US with a few other domestic/international trips thrown in. Pleasant reads of busy people getting out of their comfort zones to see their own backyard and the world! 

Travels and Stories

Why love Travels and Stories: If you love kitschy, quirky, responsible & meaningful travel through India (and not only) then take a look at this great blog. A tourist by chance favorite.


Why love #ridieassapori: A great blog in promoting Italian tourism especially down south. While the posts are only in Italian, if you have a bit of Italian in you it is worth the look. 


Why love Made in South Italy Today: The South of Italy, with some of the best beaches in the world, amazing food, wine and unique sites, often gets left behind by tourists (and Italy). Discover the South of Italy – a place we truly love.

The World by the Brunette

Why love The World by the Brunette: Photos, fashion and a real passion for travel (and looking good while you do it!). Make sure to get some great advice on how to look when in Italy!

Le Misstache

Why love Le Misstache: Films, photography, food, travel and your fair share of hidden or abandoned places and film locations, you will enjoy reading the (film like) adventures of this blogger.

Fit Two Travel

We love Fit Two Travel: Who says you cannot be fit and travel? Join these two fitness trainers, turned bloggers, travel the world, sharing their great adventures and pictures. Did I mention great pictures (they really are!)?

Back Street Nomad

Why love Back Street Nomad:  With a passion for all things ‘off the beaten track’, brewed craft beer and discovering awesome architecture, you are sure to find some great gems on this blog, from Australia, Europe, the Middle East & the Americas. 

Luca Travels Around

Why love Luca Travels Around: Luca is an Italian blogger, who shares his funny and at times quirky trips around the world! Enjoy!

Minor Sights

Why love Minor Sights: It covers places that are not or barely mentioned in guidebooks and we all love to discover new places to find and explore! There are a number of great guest posts on all the ‘minor sights’ around the world!


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