Enotica, Rome | The Wine Tasting Experience, you do not Expect

Enotica, Rome 2017 – Seventh Annual “smells, tastes and effusions from another possible world.”

When you think wine tasting, what do you picture? A gorgeous vineyard in the Umbrian or Tuscan countryside maybe? Or a lot of snooty wine ‘connoisseurs’? Or a sunny day, drinking wine on a yatch near Capri?

Forget what you just pictured because Enotica is no wine tasting you have ever experienced. 

Enotica, Rome

Enotica is the wine and sensuality (very PG) festival and expresses a way of life!

The Forte Prenestino opens its ‘cells’ every March (started in 2010) to what is considered one of the most awaited and diverse events of the Spring/Summer season in Rome.

Three days of tastings and live shows, in which sharing a glass of wine is combined with music, art, poetry, and a great setting.

Walk through a historical part of the Eternal City, while experiencing a sensory journey (basically getting pretty tipsy), thanks to the huge variety of organic and natural foods and wines.

If that is not enough, the prices of the wines are amazing and with FREE ENTRANCE makes this is a must event if you live or visiting Rome in early Spring.

Enotica, Rome

The C.S.O.A. Forte Prenestino

When it comes to a pretty cool ‘off the beaten track’ places to see, Forte Prenestino is definitely up there.

The charming and unique location of C.S.O.A. Forte Prenestino, referred to as a ‘punk scene’ by many of my friends, is a hub of critical and independent culture; vanguard of an alternative lifestyle, to the hectic pace of everyday life.

Forte Prenestino is one of the largest and most famous ‘centro sociali’ or social centres.  

Something that completely blew my mind what that people reside within the walls of the fort! All self sufficient, the ‘Roman way’. 

Want to know more on what is a Centro Sociale? Check out this Wikipedia Page on Social Centres

Enotica, Rome

Forte Prenestino has been a centro sociale since 1986, however, there is a long history behind this fort (there are 14 others in Rome!).

Built in the late 1800s, there were no more funds to maintain them as military forts, resulting in the eventual sale and the transformation into jails. 

In the 1970’s the abandoned jails were purchased by the city of Rome.

Completely abandoned and falling apart, the grounds were taken over and turned into what is now C.S.O.A. Forte Prenestino.

The grounds are huge, stretching over a a quarter of a kilometre along via Prenestina, and this social center offers a large number of cultural events, which have become iconic for the Roman punk/indie scene (and not only!).


Enotica, Rome

What to Expect

First off, there were so many families with their babies and children, so if you are worried you cannot take part because you are traveling as a family, well you do not need to worry – just have an open mind. 

All the wineries at Enotica are organic wine producers! Every last one of them!

So if you are an enthusiast of good, bio wine, then you have to make your way to Enotica in 2018.

Enotica features lots of wine  and organic and biodynamic foods artisans, all supporters of fostering foster the critical and conscious consumption of food and wine.

You can hang around the grounds before the wine tasting opens (from 2:00pm) and enjoy the live music or get a bite to eat before you go (highly recommended) and taste wine from 24 wineries.

Enotica, Rome
The Wine Tasting Entrance – the jail cells

Bits and Pieces of Enotica, in Photos

Enotica, Rome | Important Info in a Nutshell!

WHEN: March of every year (since 2010)

PRICE: Free Admission but they do ask you if you wish to donate. Good practice seems to be 5.00EUR.

WEBSITE: www.enotica.net

WHERE: C.S.O.A. Forte Prenestino – Via Federico Delpino, 90


Got any questions or would like to join me and some locals friends take you through the Enotica, Rome experience?

Contact me and in due course I will be happy to provide you with the details! What better way to enjoy a city than to enjoy it with the locals?

Ciao to all you Tourist by Chance, alla prossima!


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