Coppedè | Rome’s Hidden Fairytale District

Welcome to Quartiere Coppedè in Rome.

A beautiful mix of architectural styles, makes up one of the most richest, prettiest and smallest districts of the Eternal City.

Being one of the most exclusive areas of Rome, the result is very expensive housing!

Consequently, houses can sell at +10,000EUR per meter squared! So a 100m2 apartment will go for around 1,000,000-1,200,000EUR!

Via Tagliamento Entrance

As you approach Coppedé you are greeted by the absolutely breathtaking entrance.

When approaching the archway, make sure to look up – the detail of every building is stunning.

Archway detail

To be honest, I did not know Coppedè existed! A friend of mine strongly recommended it, as she is in love with this area of town. Fast forward 5 months and I finally made it. 

This is all part of my mission to Getting to Know your own Backyard

Archway from inside Coppede

Inside Coppedè

Piazza Mincio is the heart of this tiny district, hidden inside Quartiere Trieste, its main attraction is the architecture and Fontana delle Rane.

Why? What is so good about it? Examples of medieval, ancient Greek, Art Nouveau, neoclassicism and Baroque styles seemingly come together.

Quartiere Coppedè is named after the architect Gino – you guessed it – Coppedè. 

Walking inside Coppede

Once you get past the breathtaking entrance and start walking through the streets of Coppedè, you will follow the path to the beautiful Fontana delle Rane (the Frog Fountain) in Piazza Mincio.

Fontana delle Rane

Fontana delle Rane was completed in 1924 and was also designed by Gino Coppedè built in perfect Baroque style, the name derives from the fact that there are a number of sculptured frogs throughout the whole fountain.

The particularity is its resemblance to Fontana delle Tartarughe in the Jewish Ghetto in Rome (Piazza Mattei), by Giacomo della Porta (St. Peters Basilica) and the sculpture Taddeo Landini. 

Villini delle Fate

Villini delle Fate is the real iconic building of Coppedè and you will agree it does seem like something out of book?

Today, Villas of the Fairies, is home to the South African Embassy. 

Therefore, if you have a couple of hours to spare in Rome, make sure to explore this great part of town.

Step inside Quartiere Coppedè and escape the hustle and bustle of the main attractions of the city, you will not be disappointed.

Where is Coppedè exactly?

Have you been here before? Have you enjoyed any of the bars/restaurants of the area?

Make sure to share your photos and experiences, via the comments below.  

I will be happy to add them as suggestions to other travellers!

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    1. Stacy it is the perfect place to just wander for a while! Your camera will thank you too 😉 Hope you get there and let me know if you do! 🙂

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