Colosseum Night Tour | A Magical Experience with The Roman Guy

Welcome to Tourist’s by Chance Colosseum Night Tour experience, with The Roman Guy. 
What is your favourite sight in Rome? Is it the Pantheon? The Vatican? Or maybe the Alter of the Fatherland?
Well, for me, the most amazing ancient sight of Rome has to be the Colosseum.
Not because of the movie Gladiator (great movie and soundtrack) but simply because of the WHOLE story behind one of Italy’s most iconic landmarks. 
Colosseum Night Tour
So when Sian, from The Roman Guy, invited me to take part in their VIP Colosseum at Night Tour with Underground & Arena Floor I was elated to be able to see my favourite Roman masterpiece, by night! 
I have always wanted to walk into an empty Colosseum and admire the grandeur of ‘Il Colosseo’ all to myself.
Just imagine stepping inside one of Ancient Rome’s most amazing relics, as you walk through the large arched corridors, staring and listening in awe while your tour guide details the somewhat gruesome events that marked the history of the Flavian Amphitheatre – all by night!

The Colosseum Night Tour

As the sunsets over the Eternal City and the touristy caos that overruns Rome slowly dwindles down, for dinner and aperitivo time, the Colosseum stands empty in the heart of Rome.
The lucky few that took part in the Colosseum Night Tour, were asked to meet at Piazza Venezia, in front of the Altare della Patria (Alter of the Fatherland) at 9:20pm.
Brandon, our tour guide for the evening, was ready to start this amazing journey.
Colosseum Night Tour
Alter of the Fatherland
We started off at the Roman Forums, where we were immersed in the great history and the ideal intro to Ancient Rome.
After the much appreciated photo time, we walked along Via dei Fori Imperiali, approaching the Colosseum and the excitement rises, as our tour guide started asking us questions!
Quiz Time:
I will give you a heads up on one of the questions we were asked and that is: 
Who are the first 5 Emperors of Rome?
The answer at the end of the post!

Colosseum Night Tour

Back to the Colosseum Night Tour

As you slowly make your way to the entrance, apart from the goosebumps by the emotion of standing in front of this amazing monument, you will also appreciate the fact that there are no crowds, no long waits and…wait for it…No crowds!
If you have been to the Colosseum by day you will understand how amazing that sounds! 
Once through the ‘airport like’ security check, admire the Arena Floor where all the battles took place, descend to the dungeons to where the animals and Gladiators awaited their destiny (victory or death), and climb all the way to the second ring!

I could almost hear the deafening sound of 60,000 spectators screaming for ‘entertainment’, in the silence of the night.

Colosseum Night Tour
Entering the Colosseum Dungeons
Enjoy the endless gladiators stories, their battles, photos of what the largest ever amphitheatre looked like, and Brandon’s funny anecdotes.
A shout out has to go to our tour guide Brandon, who offered a great tour. No wonder his job title is Director of Unforgettable Memories!
Don’t take my word for it.
Take a glimpse of my great experience, via my video on the Colosseum Night Tour.

Colosseum Night Tour Information  

Max participants: 24 pax
Start time: 9:35pm
Running time: 2 hours
Price: 74.00EUR
The VIP Colosseum at Night Tour with Underground & Arena Floor is a seasonal tour so make sure to check if it is available when you visit Rome – it is definitely worth it. 

Colosseum Night Tour

Quiz Answer: 

Who are the first 5 Emperors of Rome? Augustus, Tiberius, Coligula, Claudius and Nero.

Colosseum Night Tour

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*Authors note: Although The Roman Guy provided me with a complimentary tour, all views and opinions expressed in this blog are always my own.*

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