Siracusa Sicily | Discover L’Isola di Ortigia so Surreal it feels like a Dream

Siracusa Sicily

Siracusa Sicily. There are certain places in Italy, that even with all their history or endless stories, should simply be admired. These cities/towns ooze history but more impressively, they shine with a unique beauty and I can assure you, l’Isola di Ortigia is one of these places. Due to EuropCar screwing up with our rental car, …

Teatro Antico of Taormina Sicily | The Italian icon I was not going to miss

Taormina Sicily

Taormina Sicily. Finally, I can say that this summer has been great, in regards to marking things off my bucket list and the Teatro Antico of Taormina was right up there – it was a dream come true! As you know*, we were stuck traveling through Sicily by bus & as a result, we considered leaving Taormina out. However, …