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About Tourist by Chance

About Tourist by Chance

Hi my name is Valter and welcome to Tourist by Chance, a Travel Blog on all things Italy! Become a Tourist by Chance and join me, as I discover Il Bel Paese.

A little bit about me:

I was born in Pisa (right in front of the leaning tower!) and I am a travel, wine, food, photography and football ‘fanatic’. I have had the pleasure to travel my whole life, including living in Peru, Australia, Cyprus and Oman. After many years abroad, I find myself back in the Motherland (Italy)!

I am a digital marketer by trade, traveling ‘Il Bel Paese’. So back in December 2014, after visiting Milan with my ex girlfriend (the site was called tourists by chance) and discovering some ‘unknown places’, I thought ‘why not blend my love for Italy, photography, travel, wine and food?’ and BOOM! – ‘Tourists by Chance’ was born.

While I live here and know my country well, I still manage to get surprised from what I find through my various work trips and weekends away – hence I find myself to be a ‘Tourist by Chance’.

It is no surprise Italy is among the top 5 most visited countries in the world and there is so much more to Italy than just Rome, Venice and Florence. I want to discover these hidden treasures and share it with you!

The intention is to create a local perspective of Italy, while at the same time offering useful information!

I want to share what was great about the trip, how I got there and the information I gathered before/after going. There is a twist though. When I am in the next city or town, my first angle is finding a local and getting the info on what to do and see from them – I do not use guide books (or rarely will I rely on one), as I believe locals are a real/great source of information. 

Become part of the community and send me your photos, write ups, videos of places you discovered ‘by chance’ and share them with the community. Simply email me at touristsbychance@gmail.com

You can find me around the web at: The World by the BrunetteEmily LuxtonFrom Ice to SpiceThe Guy, Lisaldn.com & Travelure and more. 

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Some other useful bit of information or answers to other questions!

Are any of your photos purchased?

Absolutely not! They are either captured by me (90%) or from fellow tourists by chance, who have kindly allowed me to use there shots. If I have not been there, I will not write a post about it! That simple. Guests posts are welcome and in fact encouraged! So make sure to share not just your photos but your story!

Can we use your photos?

I believe in ‘sharing is caring’ philosophy. If you do think one of my photos is great and you would like to use it, simply credit the source (i.e. touristbychance.com) and if you let me know you have, I will share your post via my social media channels! So it’s a win-win really!

Are you the only writer of the posts?

Lucky for you, no. I have some local & international followers that have already contributed to some of the posts. I love to hear how other travellers experience Italy and you do not need to be a blogger. You just need to want to share your story.

Be a part of the community and submit your photos/comments via our various social media pages and become tourist by chance!

Do your posts get updated?

As I discover new places in a city I have already visited, I will update the post. This is especially true for the bigger cities. At the start of a blog post you will note ‘Post Updated on’ text so you know I have added something new!

Please do note that any references to bus or train times, opening times and prices for museums and other sites can change and I will update these wherever possibile.

Did you want to know more About Tourist by Chance or you want to collaborate? Follow me on social media or email me at touristsbychance@gmail.com!