Month: March 2016

Monterosso al Mare | An iPhone, a camera & 36 hours in the Cinque Terre

Monterosso Cinque Terre

Welcome to the beautiful Cinque Terre. Join me, as I take from Monterosso to Riomaggiore by boat and show you this spectacular part of Italy. Dreaming of beautiful promenades, exploring some unique wineries or just looking for your next beach front location, then Monterosso and the Cinque Terre are what you are looking for. As the …

Campania, Italy

Napoli, Italy

Welcome to the Region of Campania, Italy – a recount of all the posts covered by Tourist by Chance (and not only of course!) on this amazing region, home to Napoli, Pompeii, the amazing Amalfi Coast and the stunning Reggia di Caserta, just to name a few of the amazing sites that can be explored. …