11 Reasons to love Umbria | Discover Torgiano, Montefalco & Perugia

Welcome to Umbria!

1. Wineries

The wine of Umbria might not be as well known as its Tuscan counterparts but they are second to none and some are real works of Art!

Carapace - Tenute Lunelli Carapace of the Tenute Lunelli  – Read about the wineries I have visited so far in my Wineries post!

2. Art

Think Michelangelo or Raphael or Perugino. It is no secret that wherever you go in Italy you will find majestic and jaw dropping works of art. What’s great about these 3 towns is you are bound to walk past frescos through the passage ways (no you do not need to pay to see them!) or impressive statues in the public park. An ideal setting if you are an artist at heart.   

Cappella di San SeveroThe breathtaking Cappella di San Severo

3. Food

Are you a foodie or simply love food? You will note that in all my blog posts I talk about food (a lot). Expect to try all types of game (wild boar here is delicious), cured meats of all sorts, truffles, strangozzi pasta, Lake Trasimene beans (expensive but delicious) and in Perugia – chocolate (home of the Eurochocolate Festival). 

Cinghiale:Wine - Ristorante SiroWild boar stew accompanied by a local red! 

 4. The Views

Umbria has some incredible views and it is no surprise it is called the ‘Green heart of Italy’. Throughout the towns, there are view points that will ensure you capture your amazing ‘cover photo’ or ‘profile picture’ of the amazing landscape!

View from Perugia View from Perugia!

5. The spectacular Medieval towns

I personally love the fact that many of these small towns are closed off to vehicles, even though the odd bike or car will still make its way through the incredibly narrow streets – part of Italy’s charm of course. Being fit helps because you will be doing a lot of walking (up hill) in Umbria!

MontefalcoCorso Goffredo Mameli (Montefalco)

6. Traditional Shops

In towns like Montefalco and Torgiano, experience the true meaning of Italian tradition. Shops like this Macelleria (butcher) or Salumeria (where you get your salami, cured meats and cheeses) run by 3 generations of the same family. Stay 3-4 days and everybody will know your name. In todays world, a little tradition is not so bad.

typical butcher - Italy

7. Architecture

 I am  talking about Fontana Maggiore and many parts of Perugia erected in the second half of the 12th century, while the Cathedral of San Lorenzo was built in the 1400’s. In the Montefalco countryside you will find the uber-modern ‘Il Carapace’ by Arnaldo Pomodoro or the medieval buildings (dating back to the Etruscans!) in the historic center. If you love architecture Umbria is the region for you!

Perugia Walking through Perugia 

 8. After dinner walks 

Take a stroll through the beautiful streets of Torgiano after dinner and see the bell Tower come to life! You will also need the walk to digest all the food and wine. 


9. Cathedrals, Basilicas and Churches

Italy is filled with some of the most amazing churches, basilicas and cathedrals. While many will think of the Vatican or San Francis of Assisi, throughout the Umbrian region you will find some real gems. We strongly recommend that if you have to choose, go to Montefalco and see Church of San Francesco (13th century by Friars Minor), the Church of St. Augustine, The Roman Church of St. Bartholomew and the church of Santa Chiara.

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

10. The Piazzas (Squares)

The Piazza is an important gathering point for Italians – in particular the younger generations, however, in many of the Italian Piazzas you will find some fantastic fountains. Umbria is no different. 

Fontana MaggioreFontanta Maggiore – Perugia

 11. Did I mention the wine?

I am a big fan of Umbrian wine and I believe that you should give it shot, if you have not already. Discover grape varieties such as Trebbiano and Grechetto (whites) or Sagrantino (a red native only around the hillsides of Montefalco!). Make sure to check out my reviews of the various Wineries I have visited thus far and let me know if you go visit them!

Carapace Tenute Lunelli The impressive barrel and barrique cellar of the Tenute Lunelli – Carapace winery 

Cool Facts

Torgiano, Perugia and Montefalco three wonderful towns in the region of Umbria – Italy – a favourite of mine (see: Orvieto) – as I really enjoy exploring this fascinating (and incredibly green) part of Italy. The region of Umbria is bordered by Tuscany, Lazio and Marche.

All three are medieval, hill-top towns, with spectacular views of the country side and important historical centres.

Where I Stayed 

I had a relaxing stay at Le Tre Vaselle. The views from this place are incredible and being in between Perugia and Montefalco, it was an ideal hub with easy access by car.  

Le tre vaselle

Have you ever been to Umbria before or any of the towns I visited? Tell me your experience and if you have anything further to add please do share – I will be happy to add it to this post! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed my take on Umbria!

How to get to Torgiano and Montefalco

By Car from Rome to Torgiano

The train station is 5km away and trains from Rome do not run often. We strongly suggest that to really enjoy Umbria you rent yourself a car and a good GPS system and you are free to discover it all.

If you want to visit surrounding Umbrian towns by public transport, your best bet is to start from Perugia (see below).

By Car from Rome to Montefalco

No train station at Montefalco and the closest station is 15km away in Foligno! We strongly suggest that to really enjoy Umbria you rent yourself a car and a good GPS system and you are free to discover it all.

How to get to Perugia

By Train Rome to Perugia

The Trenitalia can get you almost any city that has a train station. Trenitalia.com (link to English site), only regional trains available to Perugia.  The site does not announce the railroad strikes but you can find this info here – ViaggiaTreno.it

The train station is located approximately 2km from the historic center (centro storico). You can either take a Mini Metro railway (100m from the train station, €1.50 ticket, 7 minute ride) a bus (€1.50) or taxi (approximately €15-18.00). 

By Bus

Get to other parts of Umbria by Perugia as it is the easiest and most reliable city to depart from. Locals provided me with some great local websites to check out. I have listed them for you in my Useful Links page 

By Car from Rome to Perugia

Your best option when visiting Umbria, even though Perugia is very well connected with public transport from various parts of the country. However, to enjoy the country side a car is necessary.


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  3. Ahhhh I love Umbria!!! Great article!!! And yes, the wine is amazing! I was in Umbria for 2 weeks last year and absolutely fell in love with it! I happened to be in Perugia during the infamous Chocolate Festival and I basically died and went to heaven! haha. Did you get a chance to visit Spoleto, Spello, and Assisi? Such great cities!! Im actually about to publish an article on the Eurrail blog about train travel between these Umbrian cities!!! I miss Umbria!!!!!

    1. Crazy Travelista! Great to see someone who has truly visited and loves Umbria! The Chocolate Festival of Perugia was a lot of fun and a lot of good chocolate was consumed! 🙂 I have been (prior to my blogger days) to Assisi on several occasions and Todi. Spello & Spoleto are still on my ‘to do’ list. Would love to link your article to the transport section if that could be of interest to you?! Thanks for stopping by and glad you loved Umbria – I wish it got more ‘press’ as it deserves it! Ciao from Rome 🙂

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